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Calling All Passionate Leaders! Join the AYACC Board of Directors!

We seek individuals with experience in the field of AYA oncology, policy development and advocacy, business administration, communications, education, or non-profit leadership. In particular, individuals with knowledge of emerging trends and challenges in AYA cancer care will find the position rewarding and impactful.

The benefits of serving on the AYACC Board of Directors are numerous, including gaining leadership skills, broadening your professional network, influencing policies, creating much needed resources, shaping the direction of AYA cancer care, and promoting professional growth and empowerment to those working in this critical field!

Nomination Deadline:

Monday, July 31, 2023


Self Nominations are Welcomed!

About Our Open Roles

All Officers can expect to dedicate approximately 6-10 hours monthly to AYACC service. This includes one (1) Executive Committee Meeting and one (1) Board of Directors Meeting monthly both of which take place virtually. All officers should plan on attending the annual meeting as well.

All Board Members can expect to dedicated approximately 3-5 hours monthly to AYACC service.  This includes one (1) Board of Directors Meeting monthly which takes place virtually.  All board members should plan on attending the annual meeting as well. 

Officer: secretary

The AYACC Secretary oversees the administration, record keeping, and official communications of the organization.

External Relations and Strategic Partnerships Officer

The AYACC External Relations and Strategic Partnerships Officer creates an ecosystem of strategic alliances to generate and maximize revenue and dynamic partnership opportunities that further the mission of the AYACC.

Officer: Treasurer

The AYACC Treasurer oversees the financial health of an organization, which includes presenting financial reports to the board.

Board Member

The AYACC Board Members hold overall fiscal and managerial oversight responsibility for the Coalition. They oversee the AYACC mission and strategic momentum. Board members serve as ambassadors for the AYACC mission, inside and outside of organizational commitments.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

The AYACC DEI Officer leads the Coalitions’ commitment and strategy to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization.  This individual will help guide the organization to adopt practices that support diversity and inclusion as cultural anchors across all activities and communications. This individual will also work with Coalition board members, committee leadership, and staff to further a more vibrant, inclusive, and supportive environment for underrepresented and all members of the organization.

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