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Our community has worked collaboratively over the past 15 years to make progress in the AYA cancer space. Over those years several organizations have been formed to help support the crucial work that we do as clinicians, researchers, and non-profits to improve outcomes for AYAs. From the Young Adult Cancer Coalition to Critical Mass – these organizations have helped bring us together as a community. We have missed this connection and centralized support over the past few years and are thrilled to introduce the Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Coalition. AYACC will pick up the torch, organizing the community of healthcare professionals, non-profit professionals, and advocates serving AYAs with cancer, to transform cancer care and create a better tomorrow for AYAs across the United States.

We are...a national group of healthcare professionals, non-profit professionals, and others, united together to enable the delivery of transformative care for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

So that … all AYAs with cancer will have access to a state-of-the-art system of care that serves their unique needs and circumstances and provides them the optimal opportunity to survive and thrive.


Create a centralized support network for professionals that is discoverable and accessible.


Ensure professionals are trained and ready to address the unique AYA needs.


Provide professionals the tools and resources to deliver equitable and holistic care solutions that promote mental, physical, and social health.


Mitigate barriers to the best research, innovations, and care through awareness and outreach.


Build capacity within the community to meet the demand across this country.


Unite in purpose and resolve to improve the lives of AYAs with cancer.